Thursday, October 17, 2013

The haves and the have nots

At the Weight Watcher meeting on Tuesday, we were discussing exercise and activity.  The subject of the Christmas Town Dash came up, which it does often, since a bunch of us are running.

Then it happened.  The mention that someone's trainer thought that we should join a gym (because apparently I can't exercise on my own or something).  I inquired how much was this reasonably priced gym.  Just under $50.  A month.

That's half my gas or grocery budget.

Then I realized.  To this woman $50 a month isn't a big sum.

To me, it's huge.

(Heck, I've budgeted and budgeted to get the gear I need for this race, and can only afford my shoes.  I'm praying for enough to buy cold weather running pants!)

I run into this talk every day.  Offhanded remarks about travel, and why I don't travel more.  Family assuming that we can afford two plane tickets.  

I read somewhere that wealthy don't realize that they are.. wealthy.  Maybe that's where the disconnect is.  If you've always had the money, you can't fathom how people can't.

So no gym for me.  But I've saved $45 for my new sneakers.

And now may forgo other running gear, since my bras have decided to fall apart.

What, do they think I'm made of money??

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