Thursday, December 19, 2013

Can I have some wine with lunch?

Here in the department it's Graduate Application season.

This is me.  For like the last few weeks.

Why?  Because for some reason there is a mountain of trouble associated with the applications this year.

  • I've had a record number of people that claimed that they uploaded materials, when there was no place TO upload them.  
  • I've had multiple people send me copies and scans of transcripts, even after I ask for them to from the registrar, in a sealed envelope.
  • I've had more than a few people not able to find the mailing address, even when it's on the website.  In bold.  With a title.  Centered on the page.
  • Many supplemental materials are late because they were sent to the college's PO box.  Just the PO box.  With no department or name on it.  
  • The post office has been sending out transcripts that DO have the department's name on it to Undergrad Admissions.
  • GRE scores from October never showed up.  Simply never showed up.  I can't do anything about it.  Somehow this is my fault.
  • Somehow not knowing that we require official transcripts and GRE scores.  even after you've applied here before
I spent 5 hours yesterday sending emails detailing what materials were missing.  Which triggered an avalanche of emails back INSISTING that their materials were in.  In some cases, they are transcripts that I suspect are misplaced in other offices.  In others.... seriously... write the correct address!!

Can I have wine now?

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