Tuesday, December 3, 2013

There is so much to do!!!!

Yesterday and today, around 4pm, it happened. The panic attack. The muscles in my jaw were so tight and overused that my chin hurt. Mind you, I'm not grinding my teeth, just clenching my jaw.

Why am I stressed? Oh, let's see.

~ Thursday is a big deadline at work. This deadline means a massive amount of work in the next two weeks

~ new choir music! and a backlog of work that needs to get done, with no time to do it

~ we're moving!!!! On Saturday!!!

~ I'm running a race on Sunday. Apparently I'll be running it in an ice storm. A storm that will ruin my birthday plans

I have decided that tonight I'll have cake and I'll take tomorrow as it comes. Maybe I'll take an afternoon off of taking things over to the new house.

But now...cake.


Monica said...

OMG you should post some pics of your new place! Sounds awesome!

Meari said...

Once the boxes are unpacked, we'll have some pictures