Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Well, we've done it. We're living somewhere else now!

Well, my birthday weekend was quite the weekend.  Saturday started early.  It was cold and wet.  And I had the pets in the car.  You see, the pets were to be the first of our family to move into the new house.

The next few hours were filled with a flurry of incredible helpful friends helping us pack our crap into boxes and bags and haul it to the new place.  Our old apartment looks like a tornado hit it, and is in desperate need of cleaning.

The new house?  It's coming along.  My books are unpacked.  His are getting there.  We still have random boxes of things.  There are still things that we can't find.

But the living room is put together.  The tree is up.

Everything else will happen when it happens.

As for the rest of my birthday weekend?

It didn't go as planned.  Most of the scheduled activities were rained out.  My race was postponed.  Christmas Town was put off for another day.

Come to think of it, I didn't have any cake....

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