Monday, December 30, 2013

Win Some... Lose Some...

Today was full of wins and losses

Win:  We don't have to clean the carpet at the old apartment
Loss:  over Christmas vacation, homeless people were living in our apartment, and went through all of our stuff

Win:  Nothing was stolen!
Loss:  Who knew that I had an old social security card in the bottom of a jewelry box

Win:  Credit Fraud Protection is free, and took 5 minutes to set up
Loss:  Misty ate an Oreo

Win:  The party kit for the ABC Family Sneak Peak party pack arrived!
Loss:  The Pretty Little Liars favors are a total loss

(Viewing party, anyone?)

Win:  My Bath and Body Works order came!
Loss: We have more crap in this house!!!

Win:  My Gold Starbucks Card came!!
Loss:  it has my married name on it.  I need a gold sharpie to cover it!

And now, time to take down the tree!

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