Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Lone Star State

Warning! This is going to be a long blog post. It's a collected post from my entire trip to Texas!

~December 20, 2013~
Greeting from the Lone star State! We're spending the week with the Spousal Equivalent's family in Texas.

The trip started with a red eye into Houston. We landed well after 11 (local time) and were picked up by the SE's step sister. We then drove to the outskirts of Houston, out where the roads and narrow and curvy. Out where the pavement ended. Out where the stars were bright.

SE's dad's house reminds me of Camp Talooli. A pond and fishing and the like.

Everyone in his family was so warm and friendly. I felt so welcomed by the family.

~December 20, 2013~
The day after we got there, it was decided that we would borrow a car and drive to SE's mom's place. The drive was just over 4 hours. We drove through wide farm land, with vistas larger than I've ever seen. We drove past ranches. Everything was wide open and green.

Eventually we started traveling up, gaining altitude. The green grass was replaced by brown grass and brushy shrubs. Then we started seeing cactuses. We had eventually reached Texas Hill Country. The topography was exactly what I pictured Texas
would look like.

~December 23, 2013~
We made sure that we got time to see his mom. She's currently undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer. She seems to be doing well, but she gets tired so easily. After only 2 days there, we left to come back to his Dad's place. I don't think she could handle any more of us.

~December 24, 2013~
Christmas Eve morning started too early. I couldn't sleep. I was trying to puzzle out gifts to buy for SE's family (that could be obtained at Wal Mart). The SE was just up. He couldn't sleep.

Later on we found out why. This year the SE got the Flu for Christmas. He slept on and off all day. I hung out with his family. Thankfully his family is the easiest family to hang out with!

Today was also a first. It was the first time that I heard the phrases "dagum" and "fixin' to" used in a sentence.  Unironically! Yup, I'm in Texas!

~December 25, 2013~
All too soon, Christmas was upon us. We actually woke before anyone else in the house, due to the both of us being such morning people. Thankfully the Spousal Equivalent is feeling better. He's still not well, but he's doing much better than last night.

~December 27, 2013~
Our last night in Texas passed with little fanfare. Leftovers were eaten. Movies were watched. The lingering cigarette smoke in the house really was bothering me, so I went to bed at a reasonable hour.

I woke before dawn, after a night of tossing and turning. I didn't feel so hot.

We left before first light for the airport. And the unthinkable happened. The plane was broken. After a delay of almost 4 hours (and the complete missing of our connecting flight), we finally got into the air, headed to Atlanta. Our connection was rebooked, landing at 10pm, instead of 3:30. Which is quite the difference. I'm sick, and in need of my puppy.

The vacation was great, but I just want to be home.

I got choked up as we left this morning. I went into this trip nervously. I didn't know what to expect. And as much as I desperately want to be home, I will miss the adventure that we are on.

Edited to Add:

We spent the last few hours of the trip at a gate at the Atlanta Airport.  Maybe 3 gates down from us was this Asian Gate agent.  He had an accent that wold have been offensive, if the guy wasn't already Asian.  And man, was he funny!  At one point, as people were crowded around the gate, for an already late flight he enthusiastically asked:  "Who is ready to go to Mobile?"  The crowed answered "We are!"  he then added, "Great, can one of you fly the plane?  We need a pilot."

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