Thursday, March 31, 2016

Food, glorious food! (or, how our oven is broken)

Sunday night, I wanted to warm up a piece of leftover pizza.

I happen to warm up my pizza in the oven.  (350 for 10 minutes.  It's life changing!)

I noticed that the oven just wasn't getting to temperature.  I mean, should it take an hour and a half and still not to temperature.

I somehow didn't think anything of it, and tried to make a pork tenderloin the next day.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  

Guess what I have planned for dinner for like the next 4 days?  That's right!  Things that used the oven!!

The landlord came over.  Looks like one of the heating coils is bad.

Estimate to be fixed?  April 5th to the 8th.  This doesn't help the cake I was supposed to bake this weekend.  We'll have to celebrate her birthday another weekend!

I have to now rethink my meal plans.....

Friday, March 25, 2016

What a nasty start for a Friday!

Yay!  It's Friday!!

I was excited!  I had a work out planned.  I had a VERy full weekend planned.

Hell, not 1 but *2* movies that I wanted to see are out today!!

But no......  I'm not that lucky!

This morning started with Misty wanting.... something...

Not food....

Not a walkie....

No, she wanted to eat grass.

Then I could hear her tummy gurgling from across the sofa.

The Misty-butt has tummy troubles.  What does that mean for me?  Hopefully carpet shampooing isn't involved.  But I suspect it'll be a few days of chicken and rice dinners with a Pepto chaser!

I hate it when she's sick.  She can't tell me what she needs!  And she loves food so much, it hate seeing a bowl that's full!

So after this I tried to text the Spousal Equivalent.  And nothing with send.  Nothing.

I reboot.  I shut things down.  I google the issue.  I even tried to reset my phone to factory setting, but that was taking too long.

Did I work out this morning?  No.... I stood outside while Misty ate grass.

I got to work late.  I'm working alone.  And it's raining....

After work can I have a bottle of wine and a massage tonight?  I have a feeling I'm going to need it.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Shadowhunters *sigh* (there may be spoilers...)

(this post contains affiliate links)

Now, I've read the Mortal Instruments.  I'm a fan of Young Adult fantasy.  I enjoy the Shadowhunters world.

And I'm glad that the show is getting a season 2.

I actually like the actors and their roles.

There is SO much material that the writers can use and pull from....

But I need to address the elephant in the room about this show...

There are some GLARING issues with this show!!

1.) I don't know who these writers are writing for, but the viewing audience is not stupid.  Can we tighten up the plot holes?  Can we have the show work with a consistent set of rules?  Please?

Take this week's episode for example.  Who else figured out that Michael Wayland was Valentine in disguise after 30 seconds or so?

I don't expect the show to be exactly like the books, but some consistent plot lines,  characterizations and rules of the universe would be nice.

Christina, who vlogs at PolandBananasBOOKS makes some good points about this here.

2.) The should has a perfect opportunity to fix some of the broken and ridiculous plot lines from the book.

Over the course of 5 books, Jace believes that Valentine is his father (making his love for Clary incestuous)  then he spend the next few books being possessed by various beings.  In my opinion these plot lines are rather dumb.  There are ways to move the story along without them.

But what happened?  The show went there.  Did you hear me cussing about it?  I'm sure the neighbors did!

The show got picked up for a season 2.  I REALLY hope the writers can take the books and make some well crafted, consistent, compelling story lines that focus on these wonderfully flawed characters in their incredibly rich world.

If you're watching, and frustrated like I am... so is Super fan, Christina.  Watch her viedos about the episodes here:

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Disney: Day 4

Day 4 was Race Day.

I got on a bus at 3:30am.  At 5am I was in my corral.  When the first corral left at 5:30am, I still had another HOUR before I crossed the start line.

it was the most amazing race that I have even run.  And the hardest!!

After the sun rose, we got into the Magic Kingdom!  It was amazing!!

but getting back to Epcot was SO HARD!  It was hot and humid!  And I was simply exhausted!!

but I did it!!

After the race we went to Animal Kingdom.  I inhaled lunch from Flame Tree BBQ, and we wandered around the park.

The Kilimanjaro Safari was Amazing!

The Rest of Animal Kingdom was pretty great too!

it was a long day, topped off with a pizza at Wolfgang Puck's and a well deserved sleep!

Disney: Day 3 (I'm really slow at this!)

Continued from here
Our Day 3 of Disney was Hollywood Studios!  My friend Lotte joined us (since she lives in Orlando and all)
We started on the Great Movie Ride

 Before going to Midway Mania! I LOVED Midway Mania!  It's a ride and an arcade!!  and the line is LONG!!!
But the crowning glory of Hollywood Studios is all things Star Wars!!!

We were trying not to laugh!!!  But damn, he was intimidating!

Rey's costume and speeder!

they even had Darth Vader Cupcakes!
The crowning glory of the Star Wars section (right now) is Star Tours.  I managed to nearly knock myself unconscious bending over to get my stuff.

From the Streets of America, which is going away next month.

We cut the day short, because the race was coming up!

next Up:  the Race, and

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Do I really have to Adult today?

I am already sick to death of all things political.

The thought of a Donald Trump Presidency scares me down to my very core.

I live in a "battle ground" state.  That means that in a few months we won't be able to watch TV without being bombarded with commercials.

And now we've got Congress acting like children again.  They won't even entertain the thought of a Supreme Court nominee.  Come on people, do your job!!

I'm at a point where my anxiety won't let me even think about the election and the ramifications. I just can't.... *shudder*

This weekend ushers in a few weeks of non-stop activities and appointments.  Parties.  Amusement parks.  Movies.  Appointments.  I know that by April I'm going to be all:
(And Commencement season is just around the corner too. ...)

I carry all of my stress around my neck and face.  I clench my jaw.  I hunch my shoulders.  It's not pretty!

So what's to do?
1.) I'm avoiding TV.  Hulu, here I come.  

2.) I need to heed my own limits and say no when I have to.  On days where I've just had enough, I hide in the bedroom and watch Disney movies.  (There's not much that Tangled, The Emperor's New Groove and Lilo and Stitch can't fix)

3.) I need to take care of myself.  I'm working out regularly.  (Mostly... this week I've been lazy)  I also need to make sure that I schedule appointments.  I also need to get myself back to the Chiropractor.  And maybe schedule a massage...

What do you do to de-stress and deal with Adulting?

(And because I have to:  my favorite part of the movie:)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Disney, the adventure begins! (days 1 and 2)

Ok, now that the Spousal Equivalent (the photographer in the family) has his pictures done.. I can start with my recap!

Let me be honest.  Disney starts your vacation at the airport!
The magic Bands were put on while we were still in the air!  Why???

So we could get on the Magic Express!!

A scan of the band and we were ready to go!

The bus brought us right to the resort!  The bags were actually waiting in our room when we checked in!

Disney was rather efficient with getting everyone to the right bus and off to their resorts!  We took advantage of checking our luggage all the way to the room... which was rather awesome!

Soon, we were on our way, and saw this sight..
We are here!  I totally cried!!
Thanks to a coworker, we got to stay at a Disney Vacation Club resort!  We were at Old Key West!
The Hospitality House, where we got the bus

Our room was on the second floor

the gift shop
After getting to the resort and having them take our carryons, it was time to hit the Run Disney expo!

The Expo... I've never seen that many people in one place ever!  Holy crap!!  But I got my bib and my shirt.  I drooled over the Dooney bags.  We ended up going to bed early!  (Well the SE went to Disney Quest...)

Day 2 We started at the Kona Cafe, so I could try Tonga Toast.  then SE and I were off to Epcot!
the Lobby of the Polynesian Resort

We took the Monorail from the resort to Epcot!

We got to Epcot, and went right to meet Mulan!

We talked about the race I was going to run

The SE and she talked about our kitten, Mulan!

Then to Morocco for Lunch!

After I got some food in me, we hit some rides!
Universe of Energy
Test Track.  I'm a roller coaster weenie, but I enjoyed this!
And finally, dinner (and a drink) in Mexico!
Mission: Space.  I did the Orange side.  It's intense, they weren't kidding!

Next up:  Hollywood Studios, The race, Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom!