Thursday, March 31, 2016

Food, glorious food! (or, how our oven is broken)

Sunday night, I wanted to warm up a piece of leftover pizza.

I happen to warm up my pizza in the oven.  (350 for 10 minutes.  It's life changing!)

I noticed that the oven just wasn't getting to temperature.  I mean, should it take an hour and a half and still not to temperature.

I somehow didn't think anything of it, and tried to make a pork tenderloin the next day.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  

Guess what I have planned for dinner for like the next 4 days?  That's right!  Things that used the oven!!

The landlord came over.  Looks like one of the heating coils is bad.

Estimate to be fixed?  April 5th to the 8th.  This doesn't help the cake I was supposed to bake this weekend.  We'll have to celebrate her birthday another weekend!

I have to now rethink my meal plans.....

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