Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Disney: Day 3 (I'm really slow at this!)

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Our Day 3 of Disney was Hollywood Studios!  My friend Lotte joined us (since she lives in Orlando and all)
We started on the Great Movie Ride

 Before going to Midway Mania! I LOVED Midway Mania!  It's a ride and an arcade!!  and the line is LONG!!!
But the crowning glory of Hollywood Studios is all things Star Wars!!!

We were trying not to laugh!!!  But damn, he was intimidating!

Rey's costume and speeder!

they even had Darth Vader Cupcakes!
The crowning glory of the Star Wars section (right now) is Star Tours.  I managed to nearly knock myself unconscious bending over to get my stuff.

From the Streets of America, which is going away next month.

We cut the day short, because the race was coming up!

next Up:  the Race, and

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