Thursday, March 24, 2016

Shadowhunters *sigh* (there may be spoilers...)

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Now, I've read the Mortal Instruments.  I'm a fan of Young Adult fantasy.  I enjoy the Shadowhunters world.

And I'm glad that the show is getting a season 2.

I actually like the actors and their roles.

There is SO much material that the writers can use and pull from....

But I need to address the elephant in the room about this show...

There are some GLARING issues with this show!!

1.) I don't know who these writers are writing for, but the viewing audience is not stupid.  Can we tighten up the plot holes?  Can we have the show work with a consistent set of rules?  Please?

Take this week's episode for example.  Who else figured out that Michael Wayland was Valentine in disguise after 30 seconds or so?

I don't expect the show to be exactly like the books, but some consistent plot lines,  characterizations and rules of the universe would be nice.

Christina, who vlogs at PolandBananasBOOKS makes some good points about this here.

2.) The should has a perfect opportunity to fix some of the broken and ridiculous plot lines from the book.

Over the course of 5 books, Jace believes that Valentine is his father (making his love for Clary incestuous)  then he spend the next few books being possessed by various beings.  In my opinion these plot lines are rather dumb.  There are ways to move the story along without them.

But what happened?  The show went there.  Did you hear me cussing about it?  I'm sure the neighbors did!

The show got picked up for a season 2.  I REALLY hope the writers can take the books and make some well crafted, consistent, compelling story lines that focus on these wonderfully flawed characters in their incredibly rich world.

If you're watching, and frustrated like I am... so is Super fan, Christina.  Watch her viedos about the episodes here:

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