Friday, March 25, 2016

What a nasty start for a Friday!

Yay!  It's Friday!!

I was excited!  I had a work out planned.  I had a VERy full weekend planned.

Hell, not 1 but *2* movies that I wanted to see are out today!!

But no......  I'm not that lucky!

This morning started with Misty wanting.... something...

Not food....

Not a walkie....

No, she wanted to eat grass.

Then I could hear her tummy gurgling from across the sofa.

The Misty-butt has tummy troubles.  What does that mean for me?  Hopefully carpet shampooing isn't involved.  But I suspect it'll be a few days of chicken and rice dinners with a Pepto chaser!

I hate it when she's sick.  She can't tell me what she needs!  And she loves food so much, it hate seeing a bowl that's full!

So after this I tried to text the Spousal Equivalent.  And nothing with send.  Nothing.

I reboot.  I shut things down.  I google the issue.  I even tried to reset my phone to factory setting, but that was taking too long.

Did I work out this morning?  No.... I stood outside while Misty ate grass.

I got to work late.  I'm working alone.  And it's raining....

After work can I have a bottle of wine and a massage tonight?  I have a feeling I'm going to need it.

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