Sunday, November 3, 2013

We're Moving!

Now that notice has been given, and leases have been signed I can spill the beans.

We're moving.

Next month.

The day before my big race.

It's terrifying, but also exciting!

We're actually moving to a place that has all of my minimum requirements:  At least two toilets, a fenced back yard and a front door that doesn't open into a hall.  We're actually going from a two bedroom/ one bath apartment to a three bedroom/ bath and a half townhouse.

I'm thrilled!
Now comes the hard part.  Packing.

My plan is to start now.  I want to go through every room, every closet, every shelf.  I want to toss what needs to be tossed and donate what can be donated.

After that's done, and the books are boxed most of the flotsam in this apartment will actually be taken care of.

Now all we need are people to help us move the furniture.  And that is always hard to find.


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Unknown said...

YAAAY! That's awesome!Is the new place far from your current one?

Meari said...

Not far at all!