Friday, October 11, 2013

Potty Emergency, part 2

And the saga continues!!

So yesterday morning, after successfully using said potty earlier, I took a shower.

While I was in there, I heard it.  Glug... glug...

So I give the toilet a test flush when I get out.  Thankfully there was nothing in the bowl but water, because it overflowed all over the floor.
So I left work early, and told the office of my issue... again....

They sent over the maintenance guy, that proclaimed that the issue wasn't inside the house.  It was the plumbing underneath.  (I could have told him that!)  So they call for the plumber.. again.

Plumber shows up just as I'm about to head out to choir.  I'm the new music librarian, so I need to be there to hand out the music.  They finish, just before I get back.

I'm left with a dinner that's getting cold, a bathtub full of sewer-water soaked towels and bath mats.  A bathroom floor that also was overflown on.   I somehow managed to clean all of that, eat dinner and wash dishes before Glee was on.

Glee made me cry.  I knew it would.

All I cna say of this week is:

A.) I'm so glad it's Friday


B.) I need a margarita.

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