Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tuesday Night.. a comedy of errors

From MY perspective:

10pm:  *fell asleep*

1:30am:  *Wake up*  *Freak out that the Spousal Equivelent is on the computer so it MUST be 5:30am!!*  *Realize the time.

5am:  *alarm goes off*

What the Spousal Equivalent experienced:

Me: *I start poking him, while asleep*  What are you doing?
SE: sleeping....
Me: *poking some more, still asleep* What are you doing?
SE: I'm sleeping..
Me: *more poking, yes, still sleeping*  What are you doing??
SE:  SLEEPING!!!  *He gets up to use the bathroom and play computer games.

1:40am:  *SE goes back to bed, resetting his alarm to go off at 5:20am*

Misty:  *sits ON the SE's head*
Meryl:  *sits on the SE's chest*
SE:  Go back to sleep!

Me:  *my alarm goes off*  Honey!  Why aren't you up?
SE: I'm sleeping in until 5:20....

Poor poor man.... Apparently I was subconsciously sabotaging sleep!

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