Monday, October 14, 2013

Adventures in Exercising

Well folks, this weekend was supremely crappy.  It started raining on Wednesday and didn't really stop until... just now.  I got lazy, since I really didn't want to run in the rain.  (And since the dog really didn't want to go outside for walkies.)

What I did end up doing was playing with the new Just Dance game that we got.  I like aspects of the sweat mode better (Being able to choose your playlist?  Genius!)

Best new songs:

(This one is just crazy!)

I have a feeling that JD 2014 will become my off-running-day work out!

Now, back to running.  Most of the weekend was a bust in the running department.  But Saturday the boss and I got up and did the 5 mile bike trail at Newport News Park.  We didn't run it, we speed walked it.  At 1:34 it wasn't a bad time for our first try.

I tried to run this morning, but only got to the halfway mark before my legs were screaming at me.  I need new sneakers.  But there's a problem.  they can be EXPENSIVE!  So while I was looking at some moderately expensive running sneakers online:  Like these, and these and these and these and these and these and these.... you get the picture.  All I can afford are these.  Which is kind of sad.

Oh well, onward and upward.

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