Monday, November 11, 2013

Well that was unpleasant

Sunday morning I took the puppy and went to the park to do my weekly run/walk.

I was doing pretty good until the 5th mile.

See that?  Not bad!

But on Mile 5, my left foot started to hurt.  Something was wrong with my toe.

Somehow some sand got into my sock.  It settled between my big toe and the next toe.  A large patch of skin on my big toe was rubbed off.  I did the next half mile in a fast hobbling step.

Though, despite the injury, I managed to completely kill my step goal.

I also brought home a very sleepy puppy.  She had a great walkie!  But on her little legs, I imagine it was like a marathon!

The bad news part of all of this is that the scale was seen an upswing.

I usually have a weight gain about this time (thanks to my monthly visitor), which is rather frustrating.

Well, off to run again tomorrow

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