Monday, November 25, 2013

It's cold enough to freeze your Winnebago!

Somehow, winter is upon us.  There was a 70 degree day last week.  Today, it's 30.

This weekend was spent packing.  I packed books, and clothes out of my dresser.  The Spousal Equivalent and I stopped at the Liquor Store to get boxes to pack his books.

This exchange happened:

SE:  Hey, do you have any boxes that we can have?
Liquor Store Guy:  *Evil grin*  how many do you want?
SE:  How many have you got?
LSG: We can fill your car!  Pull around back!

And we did.  The car was FULL!!

We then brought the boxes home, making our house vaguely look like a game of MineCraft.  But the books are starting to get packed.

I even made a to do list for this week.

This morning, while it was 25 degrees out, I went out to run.  I made a little miscalculation.  I had plenty of cold weather layers on my top.

And yoga pants on the bottom.  Not even full length pants.  My yoga pants stopped about mid-calf.  I came in when I stopped feeling my feet.

Then my friends showed up.  We're cat sitting for a week.  Which in and of itself ins't anything big.

But the dog was NOT PLEASED!!!  There were friends in her house!!!!  and they won't play!!!!  Food bowls were moved.  Gates were put up.  Cats were hissing.  Our cat headed for the hills.

Yes.  Typical Monday

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