Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Invasion of the Kitties: Day One

Our friends went out of town this week, so we're watching their cats.  We've done this before.  No big deal.

Well, yesterday was fun...

it all started at 6am.  The kitties were dropped off.  One of them hid under the bed, while the other hid in her kennel.  Misty decided to try to play.... there was a lot of hissing and growling.  (Who knew cats could growl?)  Misty though this was playing.  Lyra (the cat in the kennel) didn't.

So I went to work, leaving the dog kenneled and the cats to their own devices.  When the Spousal Equivalent came home, our cat met him at the door MOST UPSET!  over the course of the night, we found out why.

A few times, Meryl (our quiet, calm cat) would walk down the hall, or go to her favorite perch.  And Orion (A larger male cat) would be there, hissing and growling and ready to tussle.  And tussle they did.

The kicker was at 10.  I wanted to get into the bedroom.  But Orion was sitting on the latch of the baby gate.  Which was quite an impressive feat in and of itself.

Orion:  *hiss*  *hiss*  *loud growl*  None shall pass!
Me:  Excuse me?  I'm not a Balrog.  Let me in.
Orion: *growls louder*  *hisses some more*  You heard me!
Me:  *gets the squirt bottle*
Orion:  Oh yeah?
Me:  *squirts him, with a light, gentle mist*
Orion:  I've been burned with acid!!!  You'll pay!  *hides under my bed*
Me:  *tries to get into bed*
Orion:  *claws at my ankle*
Me:  Oh no you didn't!!!  *squirts the bead skirt*
Orion:  NNNOOOOO!!!  *goes to hide in the window*

Let's hope today will be less adventurous.

And I hope that Lyra comes out of hiding.  She must think we're mean!  I can Imagine what Orion is telling her!


Unknown said...

Mr catbutt is gonna get a stern talking to when we get back. Thank you for watching our spoiled fur children.

I'm sure they will come around soon enough.

Meari said...

Oh, it's ok. I'm sure they'll calm down soon enough. I feel for poor Lyra! She's been hiding!

Monica said...

OMG this was such a cute post! I couldn't stop laughing!