Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Invasion of the Kittens: Day 2

Well, yesterday was less interesting.  Orion and Meryl only tussled once.  No cat blocked me from my bed.
 Misty was even more shy and skittish around the cats.  (I think she got swiped at).

Yay for things being uninteresting!

I think the only excitement that we had last night was when Misty got into the cat's dishes!  She had some wet cat food for a snack.  *facepalm*  I mist remember to close the baby gate.

Today I'm off of work, so the to-do list is HUGE.

  • clean the kitchen
  • clean the bathroom
  • find my caches of junk and make them go away (or pack into a box)
  • and LAUNDRY
All that, and I need to fit in a work out somewhere.  I think it will be an indoor workout.  It's raining!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and honestly... tomorrow includes cooking and taking things over to the new house.  I'm hoping for three trips!

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