Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I SO need a house elf!!

So, the Spousal Equivalent kindly shared whatever he had last week with me.  But since he has like a Hulk-strength immune system... I've got it worse...  Sore throat, stuffy nose, a massive headache, a tummy that's off..


So I got my week's to do list, to cross off what I did, and job some things down that I now remember... on the "work to do" list

But nothing on my "home to do" list got accomplished.  And man.. now I'm home... and I can see what desperately needs to be done...

So, I did work-work for about half an hour...  But the dishes desperately need to be done... and I HAVE to put the clothes away...  and I need to clean up the entryway....

If Dobby was here... I could ask him to do it!

What am I saying.. If I had a house elf, I'd probably still be a member of S.P.E.W.

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