Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I hate these kinds of texts

I was sitting at home last night, watching Switched at Birth, when I got a text.  The phone only showed a few lines in the preview, but those were enough to make my heart beat a panicked tattoo.

"Wanted to tell you that I'm in ICU....."

It's from my friend Red.

I've only known her for a year, but honestly, we're Kindred Spirits.  (In the Anne of Green Gables sense).  We're both redheads, we both love musical theater.  We both feel everything so acutely.  When something huge would happen on Glee, I knew that the text coming into my phone would be from her.

And now she's in the ICU.  And from the short text, it seems rather serious.

Though, it MUST be serious to land in the ICU!

The ironic thing is, she's leaving in a few months.  Moving away....

Please God.... I'd rather her move, than for whatever this is to take her.

(Not that I know what's going on... or how grave it is... and we all know I'm the first one to overreact...)

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