Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday... And I'm trying to be productive

It was a very strange weekend.

Saturday we had our pictures taken for the church directory.  They tried to sell us pictures, but 2 things prevented us from buying.  1.) Forty dollars for 2 8x10s?  Um, no.  and 2) I always look awful in pictures.  Most. Photogenic. Person. EVAH!

At the very end of the emergency choir rehearsal (like the phone rang while singing the last line of music), my mom called.  She was in town!  I met her and received a surprise:  Salt Potatoes!!  If you were from Syracuse, you'd understand my joy.  We went to dinner, ate too much, then went to see if the Halloween Store was open.  It was!

Today was a special 9/11 service at church.  We sang.  It was beautiful and I got teary during the second service.

The rest of the day was lazy.  I bought dog food, made said salt potatoes, and did laundry.  Next is the lovely task of cleaning the kitchen and hunting up work out clothes for tomorrow's dance class.

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