Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To Drive or not to Drive....

I was complaining in my facebook this morning about the parking on my side of campus, and how most of it was taken away. Again. Which sparked a friend in a foreign land to ran about how Americans drive everywhere. (I also had NO idea that a "brolly" was an umbrella. That's a new one to me.)

I'm not opposed to walking. I never have been. My issue is more when our stuff gets taken away (you know, parking privileges, raises, things like that) so the privileged can have a shorter walk to their meeting.

But my friend did have a point. We drive too much.

But honestly, in most places in this country we have to. With the exception of a few big cities, public transportation sucks. Most of the roads in my area and no sidewalks, and when you can get jailed for crossing the street (because they just refuse to put in crosswalks).

Just look at where I live. I have friends that depend on the buses, and have severe issues: buses not showing up, nothing after 8, etc. We now have Light Rail, but it's limited, there was a huge corruption scandal involved, and not projected to hit ANYWHERE near where I live now.

So in conclusion: do I have the right to be annoyed? Yes. Do y'all have the right to tell me to suck it up? ... yes...

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