Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GleeCap: I Am Unicorn

This week's episode had promise. And uncertainty . I felt the need to drop some notes to the characters:

Shue- Thank you for yet again growing a pair and telling Quinn the truth. Too bad she didn't hear you... or maybe she did, and she's not ready to listen to the truth yet.

Kurt- You're, as Mercedes said, the mayor of gay-town. I'm sorry if Blaine can be a more straight-acting macho leading man. If you dump him over this, I'll force my puppy to lick your face!

Rachael and Shelby- I know it's all weird between you. Rachel needs to stop needing Shelby so much.. and Shelby, give a bit and let her in!! By the way Shelby, good for you wanting Puck and Quinn to be a part of Beth's life.

Blaine- It's sweet wanting to let Kurt have all the glory. It's going to get rough, baby. You're Tony material, and he's SO not.

Quinn- Get. Over. Your. Self. She was right. You have thought about nothing but yourself for three years now. This whole cleaning up act in the attempt to regain custody? Again being so self centered I want to slap you.

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