Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Dangers of Theocracy

I read today that an Iranian Christian pastor was jailed, and may be executed because he converted from Islam to Christianity.

I know what will happen once this hits the mainstream media (if it hits at all). The religious right will say that this is why Islam is bad! Islam must be awful for trying to execute an poor innocent Christian.

And of course, they would be completely incorrect. The problem here is simple: Theocracy. When one religion is the law of the land, bad things happen to the other religions in that land. Does nobody remember the inquisition? which did not look like this:
Or this:

(I was just looking for an excuse to use those two clips)

People were killed in Catholic Europe during the middle ages. People were killed in the Puritan colonies in America.

Simply because they were a different religion!!

Islam (or any other religion) isn't bad. It's the abuses are.

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