Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Fall TV Season started yesterday!!

What, y'all didn't hear my whoop of joy??

Yesterday was the premieres of The Sing Off, Dancing with the Stars, Hawaii 5-0 and The Playboy Club. I'm sure there were others, but those are the three I saw. Now, looking down the road, one of the shows that I watch in the 8-10 time slot may have to be caught on Hulu...

The Sing Off- I love a cappella music. And the line up this season is wonderful. I've only seen half of the competitors and I'm already blown away! Yes, this show is taped over the summer, but that's because of the volume of collegiate a cappella groups that compete!

Dancing with the Stars- I must admit, this show may be relegated to Hulu before too long... but I wanted to see Chaz's debut (especially after all of the commotion!

The Playboy Club- I was expecting a re-hash of the Bunny's Tale movie. But this is interesting. All of these bunnies have their secrets: murder, secret marraiges, one bunny and her "husband" even run a chapter of the Mattachine Society. (I'll wait for you to look that one up.) It has promise.

Hawaii 5-0- It's sitting on the DVR waiting for me... but it proves to be interesting...

Terra Nova- this one starts next week. I'll report after I've seen it.

Tonight is Glee. *happy sigh* I'll report on my new Tuesday shows tomorrow!

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