Thursday, December 27, 2012

In which I Spend Christmas Money....

This morning, we got up and moving and off to get provisions!  Misty was unhappy, since that meant kennel time... but we had errands to run!

First was Target.  I needed a pill organizer (pictured).  No, I don't take that many pills a day... but if each line is a week, then I have my pills organized for a month!  I know, I'm weird...  We also got a bulb for the living room lamp, which has needed one for like a week and a half.  We can see!  It's a miracle!  I got a belt, since apparently I'm in between sizes and my new-to-me Apple Bottom jeans were falling off my butt!  I also picked up facial moisturizer and Cuties.

Then it was to the Mall, where we visited Game Stop (to buy the SE a new Wii U controller, and to Bath and Body Works for me. Mom got me a bottle of Forever Red for Christmas, but I wanted the matching lotion.  Newsflash, there was a sale, and I only bought one thing.  Yay me!

Then it was to Toys R Us to get some games.  Since it's almost January 1st, and the resolutions will start kicking in, I got a fitness game with the money my dad gave me.  I got Your Shape:  Fitness Evolved.  I haven't played it yet, SE got Call of Duty: Black Ops II so he's playing right now.

A quick stop on the way home was Wal Mart.  I needed coffee creamer, and cheap gold studs.  My dad also go me the One Ring earrings, and I needed matching studs for my other holes.

Then it was home.  Misty is cuddling with her Snowman, a gift from my mom.

Earlier she was chewing her bone... that we got her.

Meryl got some cat grass, and wet food for Christmas.  She approves of her gifts!

Me?  I'm chilling the Wine my dad got me!

And unfortunately, a pile of chores are calling my name, most important of all, putting away the tree.

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