Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scenes from the hurricane

11am- It's blowing and sprinkling

Pup: Wanna go out!
Hurricane: *rains*
Me: *grumbles and takes her* *Gets wet in the process*

3pm- It's raining hard, and the wind is rather violent

Pup: Wanna go out!
Me: fine.... *Opens outside door just a tiny bit*
Hurricane: *the wind blows in hard enough to flip the pup's ears back*
Pup: I can hold it!!! *cowers into a corner*

Hurricane: *takes a break*
Me: Let's go potty!
Pup: THANK YOU!!!!

10pm- It's NASTY out
Pup: Gotta PEE!!!
Me: No, honey! It's too bad out! Use one of the thousand pee pee pads I put out for you
Pup: *pees everywhere but*

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