Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nighttime at my house.

5:30- I get home. I take the dog out.
5:45- I get back inside, and start dinner.
5:46- the pup wants to go back out.
5:50- she starts whining about it.
6:00- I eat, while trying to hush up the dog.
6:02- I give up and take her out... wherein we chase squirrels.
6:15- we get back in, and I finish dinner
6:20- she whines to go out again.
(repeat until about 8pm)

Seriously, since it's gotten cooler this has been the nighttime routine. All she wants is to be out chasing after squirrels.

Someday I'll have a yard, and she CAN go out to chase squirrels! And I can eat my meal in peace!

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