Monday, August 8, 2011

Fall Television!

I know, TV rots your brain. But I have the attention span of a gnat, so television is perfect for me. At times it's hard to make it through a two hour movie, but I can make it though an hour show.

Plus, we have a DVR... which means that just about everything that we watch is recorded and watched later.(fast forwarding through the commercials, of course)

I saw the lists of new (and old) offerings for the year and was actually very interested!

My guilty pleasures...

  • Once Upon a Time: (ABC)I'm looking forward to this. I love urban fairy tale thing
  • Pan Am: (ABC) a 60's Mad Men like thing.. with a spy twist. Has me interested
  • The Good Wife: (CBS) Been watching since the beginning.
  • Hawaii Five-O: (CBS) It's a cop show in Hawaii. What's not to love?
  • Terra Nova: (Fox) It looks interesting. I'll give it a shot.
  • House: (Fox) It's really hard to watch, and I must admit, I never watched the end of last season, but I hear there are changed and I need to see how they play out.
  • The Sing Off: (NBC) Hello! A ccapella Glee!
  • The Playboy Club: (NBC) I know, it objectifies women and all. And all the feminists hate it. But I'm interested. It's a part of history now.
  • NCIS and NCIS: LA: (CBS) I'm a sucker for a crime show...
  • Parenthood: (NBC) Been with it since the beginning
  • Glee: (Fox) Do I really need to say anything?
  • New Girl: (Fox) They play the previews ALL THE TIME. I'll try it.. if the previews don't make me sick of it first.
  • Suburgatory: (ABC) I saw the preview and it looked interesting
  • X-Factor: (Fox) The only reality TV I like involves talent. This involves talent!
  • Harry's Law: (NBC) Did you know the character of Harry was supposed to be played by Lewis Black? Watch the show.. you can tell. Harry is like House... but a lawyer!
  • Law and Order SVU: (NBC) I watch it when I'm around...
  • Charlie's Angel's: (ABC) I know, I know... Feminists have panties in a bunch other it.. but it's kicking butt in heels. What's not to love?
  • Prime Suspect: (NBC) I love Maria Bello.. so why not?
  • Bones: (Fox) It'll be a short season.... because both Bones and the actress are pregnant... but I love it!
  • Chuck: (NBC) A geek spy.... Love!
  • Grimm: (NBC) Urban Fairy Tale.. with a crime drama twist
Now, I know there are shows coming in the form of mid-season replacements. There are also channels like ABC Family and SyFy (hate that spelling) that has non-traditional seasons. but there are some interesting things coming.

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