Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brokeback Mountain.... the anecdote.

No, this isn't a movie review. It's a story I need to share.

When Brokeback Mountain came out, I was working at a Middle School in rural Virginia. I carpooled to work with the art teacher, an elderly African-American, very religious, woman. Coincidentally, we both saw the movie the previous weekend.

The scene is a Monday afternoon. I'm driving home. My co-worker had just mentioned that she saw the movie.

Me: "Really? I'm surprised. The movie has a rather aggressive sex scene."

Her: "It does? I didn't realize they had sex."

Me: "Well, they are mostly clothed at the time...."

Her: "Wow! I just don't know what gay sex is like. Maybe I need to get some gay porn so I can see what gay sex is like. Can you find me some gay porn?"

Me: *nearly drives off the road*

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