Sunday, July 14, 2013

Invasion of the fleas!

At the beginning of July, I used a topical flea treatment on Misty.  I had already given her a heartworm pill, so the flea treatment/heartworm pill was out, and they were out of the flea treatment pill.  Let's hop the vet can help me!

Last night, July 12th... FAR less than the month she was supposed to be protected, I found a flea on the itchy puppy.

This morning, after breakfast I sprung into action!  I washed the puppy, using dish soap.  That was a recommendation by the Vet, y'all!  I suds-ed her up, and let he pace around the bathroom for 15 minutes.  then I rinsed.  Then she ran around the apartment like this:

(Ok, it's an old picture, but it always looks the same: her wet, and rubbing on every surface.)

Then I sprayed the carpet and vacuumed.  And I'm not really supposed to vacuum, but I did it anyways.  The Spousal Equivalent is out seeing Pacific Rim, and I didn't want to wait for his return.

The blankets from various parts of the house are washing.  I also need to take the vacuum canister right out to the dumpster and dispose of it.

Not bad for 9:30 am.  Now to sort the rest of the laundry.  the theme today: washwashwash!

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