Monday, June 24, 2013

Sometime I have too much time on my hands

I have a bad habit.

I look for houses to someday buy on Trulia.  Houses that I could afford.  Houses that I could only afford if I won the lottery.  Houses that I could afford if I married royalty.  (Carter's Grove is on the market again!)

It's not like I'm in a place where I can buy something.  I've had a house foreclosed on.  I don't think I can buy anything for like a decade....  but I can look and dream.

I've found tiny houses.  Townhomes, and other tiny one and two bedroom places.  This one struck me as rather cute.

I've found grand places.  Places with bedrooms and spaces to grow into.  I believe this one has a framed out guest house.

Some houses I pass by every day, and wonder what they'd look like on the inside.

Some houses are just plain weird.  Yes, it's a church.  It's zoned residential.  Imagine what a cool house this could make!!!

Some houses are really funky.   See?  Funky!!!

And others are more traditional. 

 I happen to love the wrap around porch on this one.

I've found some with in-law suites.  For... in-laws...

But I think this one is my favorite of all.

Honestly, my minimum requirements include things like payments that won't break the bank and 2 toilets.  A small back yard would be nice...

But for right now I have to be content where we are.

And I have to try to keep it clean....

Which is a challenge!

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