Friday, June 14, 2013

We had some weather yesterday....

I'd been reading all day that a weather system that could spawn a derecho was heading our way.  I was worried.  Why?  I've been through one.

I made the correct choice to head out of work today at 4:30.

It was weird.  Ahead of me, blue sky.  In my rear view mirror, dark grey, almost black sky.

I outran it until I stopped to turn into my apartment.  All of a sudden my car was pelted with rocks (maybe hail... I don't know).  The wind kicked into high gear.

Seriously, the weather turned that quickly while I was waiting to turn into my apartment.

I parked.  Sand blew into my eyes as I ran for my door.  I yelled that the weather was bad.  the Spousal Equivalent didn't believe me.  From his window in the back of the apartment, the sky was blue.

Even the dog didn't want to go out.

but as quickly as it blew up, it went away.

And no, I have no pictures.  But other people do.

Today it's cool and sunny.  And rather nice out.

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