Friday, June 7, 2013

The great indoor flood of 2013

Wednesday morning, I walked into my closet to get a shirt.  The carpet squished under my bare feet.


And honestly, this has happened before!

The AC unit had something get knocked loose.  Which caused the flood.

So Wednesday morning I was late to work because I had to empty the contents of 2 closets into the spare bedroom.  As you can see.

One closet is dry, and the other (my closet) has a soaked carpet, and the spare bedroom air smells slightly of mold.  I've had the dehumidifier in there for a few days, which has helped.  (And when the laundry finishes drying, it'll go right back)

And honestly, this is slightly better than it was.  We got the go ahead to fill back the storage closet that housed the AC unit.

I ended up staying home today so I could get some of this crap settled.  And I did.

  • I've done 2 loads of laundry
  • dishes are next
  • I've cleaned the parts of the carpet that may or may not contain Misty accidents
  • I've gotten one bag ready to donate
  • I've thrown away 2 other boxes of crap
  • And reorganized the storage closet.
Unfortunately, we still have work to do.  I need the Spousal Equivalent needs to go through some of his cases and reorganize.  (I want to snag one of his soon to be emptied Tupperware containers for the Christmas stuff)  The rest of my closet needs to be emptied over the weekend, for the rug people to come on Monday.  We have a computer and a Blu Ray to take to Best Buy for recycling.

And on top of all of this, there's a tropical storm on the way.

So I'm off to walk the dog!

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