Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rights and Responsibilities

I've heard a lot of talk recently about rights.  What what our rights are.  And what we think they are.

What I don't think people understand that that when you have rights, you also have responsibilities.  Like Spiderman said.  

Let's take freedom of speech.  Yes, you can say what you want.  But you must also take responsibility if those words get you punched, or sued, or tossed in jail.  And it's not just talk.  Everything you say, write or type is out there for scrutiny.  Like the poor pageant queen that sees her flub broadcast again and again.  In this age of media, everything you say and type has the potential to haunt you forever.  So practice your free speech responsibly.

Freedom of religion.  This has been batted around a lot in the last few years.  This right also comes with responsibility.  The main problem in the freedom of religion of late has been how one's freedom impacts others.  For example, When the boss of a big army base decided to send soldiers to their rooms as a punishment, instead of participating in the evangelical christian concert... his religion has directly impacted others.  Others that do't share his beliefs.  Many in this country want to make Christianity the state religion.  (Which way back in the 17th and 18th centuries pissed English people off.. England has an official state religion)  How does that bode for people that aren't Christian, or aren't the particular flavor of Christian?  (Again, see England)

With freedom of religion, comes the responsibility to not let your freedoms diminish the freedoms of other's religions.

But people have forgotten that, and it makes me sad.

And remember, (in the words of Andrew Shepard) America isn't easy.  It's advanced citizenship.

And some people need to study harder.

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