Sunday, February 10, 2013

Warm Bodies: A review

Seriously, about to get all spoilery....

So, Warm Bodies is the zombie feel good movie of the year.  I'm getting a little tired of the zombie thing, but this I liked!

The movie takes place in an unidentified city, in a future where a mystery plague has made zombies.

And in a streak of genius  it's told from the zombie's point of view.

His name is R.  He got a buddy, M.  And in his brilliant voice over (R is played by Nicholas Hoult, who is wonderful in this role) he explains the world, and how it works... well, what he can remember.

The set up is subtle.  The first flashback to the "good old days" is a scene in an airport, where everyone is looking at their phones.  Everyone is alive, but not communicating or interacting.

Then R eats Julie's boyfriend (and his brain), and he makes a connection with this girl.  As the connection grows, he gets less and less zombie-like.  He falls in love.  Then the other zombies notice what's going on.  They start to interact with each other, and R and Julie (Yes... if you didn't get that reference ... it's an allusion to Romeo and Juliet). The more they interact, the more human they become.

They even prevent John Malcovitch from killing them all!

And through the powers of meaningful interactions with other people the zombies are made human again and the world is saved.

The End.

Seriously.  that's how it basically happened.

It's an interesting criticism of our modern world.  We interact more with technology than people at points.  We run the risk of being a shuffling, grunting zombie.  (I saw one of these zombies shuffling across a parking lot one day.. grunting at their iPhone.. true story).

If you love the Walking Dead and the intense zombie horror thrillers, this isn't for you.  If you enjoy a funny story, with whitty voice over... that has zombies in it.. Go see it!

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