Sunday, February 3, 2013

Well... that just sucks...

I was awoken on Saturday morning by my phone.  the Spousal Equivalent went to go get his car inspected.  I picked him up, and we came home to have some breakfast.

A little passed 11 we got a call.

it wasn't good.

We bough tit for $1200, Blue Book has it worth $400.  Repairs were about $1600, IF the parts could be gotten from a junkyard.

That was that.  The car had to go.  Do we have the credit to get a new car?  Even a new to us one?  Probably not.  Not without a big down payment.

Well, with the $300 in my savings, both of our tax returns, and the money CarMax gives us for the car, we might be able to go and get something used.

But that means not going to my cousin's wedding.  I was going to use my tax return money to get there.  And I can't drive there either, since we're down to one car.

So the plan now is that I'll get the SE to work in the morning (probably with the Misty riding shotgun).  Home, he'll have to do by bus or getting a ride from people he works with.  We'll have to make it work like that for a few months.

But thankfully we have one working vehicle.

In other news, I got my hair cut.  I have been unsuccessful at getting a decent picture of my own hair (how do people take decent pictures of themselves in the mirror??), but I will attempt to.  It's short.  Well, for me.

And now, We need to head to CarMax, Trader Joe's (for cookie butter), Target (for peepee pads) and the grocery store.

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