Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bunheads: 'Next'

What a wonderful way to end the season.  Unfortunately, since the show hasn't been picked up... it might be the end of everything..  And that would make me sad!

But anyways.... Here's to the character growth I've seen:

  • Boo- Boo has always been naive and protective.  She also has always been deferential to Sasha.  And towards the end of the episode, she lets Sasha have it.  And it was wonderful!  Here's hoping she can forge a new dynamic with Sasha
  • And speaking of Sasha- she's still living alone... which is odd... She still seems like the same old same old... with a dash of Martha Stewart thrown in. But there are cracks showing.  She's letting people in.  She's showing more of herself.  And it's wonderful.
  • Melanie- Roller Derby!  She's defining herself independent from the girls!
  • Ginny- she's also breaking free of the group definition... unfortunately it was losing her virginity to her crush.  I REALLY am curious to see where that goes.
  • Truly- she went to stalker to psycho BFF to Michelle.  The closure of Sparkles hurt her, but hopefully with the new repaired relationship with her sister, things will get better.
  • Michelle-  She's come the furthest.  She originally didn't want any responsibility.  In some ways I still think she doens't.  But she cares for these girls.  She does feel responsible for them.  Her challenge is to feel like she still has some dreams, and that they are attainable.  
With all of the things that happened at the end of the episode... I pray it comes back for a new season!!

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