Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reviews of the last few shows that I've seen: Spoilers within!


  • A reviewer I read was right... the adults act like kids and the kids act like adults
  • I still can't believe Sasha is living alone.  How the hell is she coming up with the money... and skirting laws and all?
  • That being said.... I give it three episodes before she moves into Fanny's house
  • I never thought I'd say this.. but I need more Truly and less of Milly
  • Michelle is up to something... I wonder what it is...?
  • Ginny is seriously annoying me.  She needs to really lose the jealousy.  Cozette is odd, but not as threatening as she's being made out to be
Switched at Birth
  • The kids seem to be rather consistent  and growing.  Daphne is learning her limitations.  Bay has a place where she belong... well, belongs more than at Buckner.
  • I wonder if Daphne will be all Deaf Power and all...?
  • Regina drinking.. this won't end well
  • I want to slap John Kennish at times.  Selling Daphne's food truck without consulting ANYONE was low.  I'm glad Katherine called him on it.
  • Things seem to be rather calm... what's going to throw a big wrench into things?  I heard rumors of something akin to the Deaf President Now protests at Galladet
  • Finn kissing Emma.... It looked like the work of a flustered guy trying to stop a freaking out woman from freaking out more.  
  • But they both overacted.
  • And Emma ran out?!?!?  I kinda saw it coming, but I hoped it wouldn't.
  • Rachel.. can she have a consistent character.  She keeps swinging wildly between the two Rachels in last week's song.
  • I'm SO glad that Tina got called on crushing on Blaine.  And bravo to Blaine for being cool about it
  • And Kurt... just get back together with Blaine... though I can understand about experimenting!
  • Poor Ryder.  I feel for the kid!!
  • It was SO great to see Ali Stroker!!  Can we see Aylin now?
  • Quinn and Santana hooking up.  Go with your experimenting self!!
  • And Ryan Murphy.... is Rachel really that stupid that she didn't have her guy wear a condom????  Why did you have her get knocked up?
  • And what the hell is Brody up to?

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