Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A small light at the end of a LONG tunnel

I wasn't woken up this morning with a need to take the Spousal Equivalent to work.  He found a ride!

Que my shouts of glee.

I love the guy, but the drop off is an hour round trip!

In other news, the worst of the craziness is over at work.  I'm left with a pile of paperwork.

And a headache.

As you can see, I'm not posting anything about the Biggest Loser- Blogger Edition.

Yeah....  I'm scared to weight myself.  I'm a stress eater, and this week has been beyond stressful.  So my plan ins't to beat myself up.

So my plan for the week:

  1. Plan ahead meals.  The SE is working 12 hour days, which means I have to plan, and cook ahead.
  2. Exercise morning and afternoon.  Again... he's out late.  I can always get some  Just Dance 4 routines in while dinner is cooking
  3. Fruit!  I need to get some more fruit to snack on
  4. Weigh myself on Friday and Monday.  To see how I'm doing.
And hopefully by next week I'll be down a pound!

But this week I had a little visitor... which all sorts of sucked.

FYI:  I'm trying this Google Affiliate add thing... to raise money for a new car.

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