Friday, February 15, 2013

A peek into my brain:

On Wednesday, I got a slip in my mailbox, stating that I had a package at the post office.  Since the post office closes at 4:30, I left work early yesterday to go get it.

My thoughts as I'm driving down the road, in chronological order

  • What the heck did I order? I know I have a package coming, but it's not sent yet.  Did I order something in my sleep?
  • Maybe it's a present!
  • It can't be a present....  I don't know who would mail me a present to my home address.. most people know to send it to work....
  • Maybe it's a certified letter... like the time my house got foreclosed.
  • But what would the letter say?
  • I don't owe money.. except my student loan.... and I'm paying on that..
  • Maybe I'm being sued!
  • maybe someone stole my identity and is making out credit cards in my name... like in the movie!!
  • They are going to sue me for millions of dollars!!!  I'll be destitute!!!  
  • I'll have to sleep in my car!!  Or quit my job and move home with my mom! 
  • I can't live with my mom.. Misty would pee on her carpets!!
  • or maybe it's a certified letter naming me as the heir of a fortune, like on Downton Abbey!
  • Instead of being destitute, I'd be rich!
  • I could go to Disney World!!
And by that time, I was at the post office.

My mom sent me candy....

I'm not going to be rich... or destitute...

I clearly need a nap!

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