Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wow... something has to change

I've been feeling off for a few weeks. I suspect it's the lack of the birth control (laugh all you want, it makes me feel human!). Sometimes I'm over emotional when off of BC. Sometimes I'm just down.

This time it's issues with food, and anxiety.

I made dinner last night, and it tasted awful to me. I didn't want it. What I did want was french fries and cheese. *headdesk* Seriously, I looked hard at the leftovers from dinner the other night. I'm going to have to work hard not to give in to the need for comfort food.

My anxiety manifests in weird ways too. The need for comfort food being most obvious. The driving off a cliff-bridge-highway overpass dreams have started again. I also get nervous when being a passenger in a car. And I hate to drive!

Maybe I'm just crazy...

Or maybe I need to force myself to eat a balanced diet, take some St. John's Wort, and have some medicinal chocolate.

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