Tuesday, February 22, 2011


One of the people that I game with posted this: "I don't know what everyone likes...frankly, it'd be cool to learn about other hobbies and whatnot you guys might have..."

That got me thinking. Does any one social group know everything about its members, or are perceptions colored by that group.

Does my gamer friends only see the gamer in me? Do the people at work think of me as more than a secretary? Do the people at church only know me as someone that sings in the choir?

It's funny. None of those groups sees me as a whole person. Not everyone knows about my tea cup collection, my love of Russian Ballet History, my soft spot for post-apocalyptic-dystopian literature, my extensive knowledge of musical theater or my skill as a stage manager and event planner.

To most, I'm a geeky gamer secretary.

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