Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back to the grind..

I'm back to my grind before even really getting settled into the job. I have things that are assigned to me to do. Many of them are on hold until I get training. For some strange reason the afternoons are VERY quiet. I'm starting to feel useful. It's a nice feeling to feel useful again. (Yes, the Spousal Equivalent makes me feel useful... but it's nice when the rest of the world agrees.)

I'm in a weird place mentally, but hopefully the re-introduction of birth control will help. I'm stress and comfort eating and very unhappy about it. I'm starting to develop a theme song

I'm planning on doing weight watchers sometime this year. But can I keep it up? I think that starting today, I'll monitor what I eat, and how much I move on SparkPeople. If I can do that, maybe I can track these darn points.

Now, actually committing to weighing in...

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