Friday, April 20, 2018

Spring Cleaning Tip: Burn your house down

I generally have 2 ways I approach housework:

1.) Ignore it

2.) Get disgusted and hit crisis mode.

I tried to pet the cat today and couldn't get to her through the piles of stuff on the floor.

Today marks the beginning of Crisis Mode 2018!

Sadly, it puts a MAJOR crimp in my weekend plans.

I have a 5K on Saturday, an OrangeTheory Class on Sunday, and in between those I was going to go to RavenCon.  I might still hit the con, but not as much as I was planning.

Instead, I'll be cleaning my kitchen and bathrooms.  I'll be taking all the crap on our stairs upstairs and putting it away.  I'll be weeding out the rack with my handbags on it and putting shoes where they belong.  I'm going to vacuum the downstairs, do laundry and go grocery shopping.

And you know what?  If I have done a little of that every day for the last month I might not be giving up my weekend to clean all the things.
Maybe I should actually DO the chores that I assign myself every day!  You think?

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