Wednesday, May 9, 2018

It's that time of year again....

It's the same.  Every year the weeks before Commencement are full of deadlines, and to do lists.  And the weeks after are full of financial matters.

And it's mentally exhausting.

I have absolutely no concept of time.  Almost every week for the last month I've declared how excited I was that Friday was tomorrow.... only to be told that today is Tuesday.  But those two days had so much going on that it felt like four days.

My brain is so stuffed with things to do, remember and figure out that I'm walking into rooms with no idea why I'm even there.

And let's not mention the fast that I was half way to work when I remembered that I didn't have make up on.  Let's all be glad that I didn't forget things like pants or a bra.  I'm even having dreams about doing things, then realizing that I've not actually remembered to do them in the real world

And every night I go home and try to do the thinking thing, and end up like this:

So if I look like a zombie when you see me next, I should be better in a few weeks!

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