Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today is the dreaded day!!

It's Weight Watchers Day!!!

I'm not excited about it.

See, I gained half a pound last week. They always give you that look when you gained. Like they caught you eating a donut. I had 2 small cookies yesterday..... so now I'm paranoid that I gained more weight! I've actually been pretty good this week, except for the small cookies.....


But in my defense, I actually got off my butt and exercised this week! Not only did I hike some trails (and Misty has to scars to prove it, poor puppy), but I've been using my Wii.

Now a question. Wii exercise games. Recommendations?


Amanda said...

Half pound? Girl, that is not bad at all! It could be worse, you could have gained 10 like I supposedly did this week.

Meari said...

That 10 is all baby, (or mostly baby) and you know it!!

But when you gain! She gives you this look! *cringe* I hate it!