Thursday, June 9, 2011

Migraines. I haz them..

I woke up yesterday with the Spousal Equivalent's alarm. I blinked, wondering who was sitting on my head. No, there wasn't anything on my head. Just a blinding migraine.

The journey from the bedroom to the couch was painful, so I called into work (I didn't want to contemplate the journey in a car). I spent most of the morning napping. I had the puppy on my lap, and eventually the cat came to sniff my face. She scared the crap out of me doing that, but it was cute.

I'm writing the migraine off to hormones. It has to be. Not only does the pill pack say so, the not so lovely cluster of acne on my face also says so. Stupid acne.

The migraine, along with amazingly bad traffic (thanks to an accident on 64 that shunted to MY STREET), I missed my Weight Watchers meeting. I'm kinda bummed about it. It's the first that I've missed... ever.

Tomorrow is Employee Appreciation, which means free food, prizes and a good chance of getting out of work early. Later on, there's some shopping to be done. We're working the Pride Festival Saturday, which means I need sunscreen. Million SPF sunscreen... both cream and spray on... I burn in a dark room!

So that's it... migraine.. acne... sunscreen.

Isn't my life interesting?

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