Monday, June 13, 2011

Tony Awards

Last night was my Superbowl! The Tony Awards!

I learned that Neil Patrick Harris is an amazing host, that drag queen singing (lip syncing really) It's Raining Men is really funny, and that I HAVE to see The Book of Mormon.

I think that there are many people today that don't get the theater. They expect movies and can't suspend their disbelief in the way theater needs. Theater is an expierece. The sets aren't as detailed as a movie. Time runs in ways that are counter-intuitive. The 4th wall is broken, or a soliloquy is spoken that the other characters don't over-hear.

I had issues with the movie version of the Producers. It took me a few views to figure it out. The movie was just the stage version with a bigger set. You suspend disbelief differently for a stage show than you do a movie. Which is why it felt wrong.

I would have rather seen a filming of the movie. Like they did for Rent.

I hope that someday I can have the time for theater again. It's a love of mine that will never go away.

And I hope I have the money to see a Broadway show again... even the touring shows.

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